Bralco Advanced Materials is an application research and product development company in the Field of Metal Additive Manufacturing using high performance, advanced and functional materials. We work in collaboration with world leading academic institution such as Nanyang Technology University (NTU) and Singapore’s premier research institute A*Star to characterize materials and optimise manufacturing processes.

Our Mission

To relentlessly work to bring the materials and technologies of tomorrow for application in making better, safer and cost competitive products.

Our Vision

To be a cutting edge technology company with sustainability goals.

Our Core Values

Work smart, work hard, honest and transparent dealings.

What we do

We use the power of Additive Manufacturing to build components as per customers' stringent specifications with respect to end product and materials that go into making that product. We characterise raw material, optimise the product design, prepare the CAD file to guide the 3D AM equipment to print the part exactly to customers' performance parameters.

We use state of the art Additive Manufacturing printing technology to provide high performance advanced metal / polymer solutions by shaping ideas from powders/wires/sheets into solid and high precision components for industrial, automotive, aerospace, defense, marine, energy, robotics and medical applications. We transform ideas into innovative products having complex geometry and demanding application parameters. No order is too small and no geometry is too complex. We help customers think about their product development challenges in an entirely new and innovative way. We build products without leaving any scrap behind and thereby contribute to sustainability. We are an innovation driven company focused on leveraging the power of Additive Manufacturing to design, develop and commercialize electromagnetic components made from pure iron powder and soft magnetic composites.