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Soft & Hard Magnets
Soft Magnetic Components
Product Development & Prototyping


1. Design for AM (dfAM)

2. Powder formulation and characterization.

3. Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation and Topology Optimization (TO).

4. Heat treatment & Annealing.

5. Metallurgical characterization.

6. Microstructure examination (OM).

7. Magnetic testing and characterization.

Analytical Testing

1. Powder Testing

Powder Granulometry & Morphology

Laser Diffraction / Dynamic Image Analysis for

Particle Size and Distribution

Sieve Analysis

Flowability Analysis

2. Built Parts Characterization

Microstructure Analysis (TEM/SEM)

Phase Identification and Crystal Structure

Crystallographic Texture Characterization


3. Magnetic Characterization

B-H Curve Analysis

Total Flux Measurement

DC and AC Magnetization Curve,

Coercive Field Strength and Core Loss