September, 2021

September 2021

Bralco Features in 3D

December, 2020

Bralco and Repumag Magnetic Materials Company. Ltd. of China sign NDA for product development of permanent magnets for E vehicles.

December, 2020

H.E. Mr. P.Kumaran, the High Commissioner of India, visited Bralco Labs together with Bralco Team and Leading Scientists of Singapore.

October, 2020

BRALCO collaborates with CellProp Pvt. Ltd. for the product development of magnetic cores used in electric vehicles powertrain systems.

October, 2020

BRALCO collaborates with Brushless Motors India Pvt. Ltd. to design cores of BLDC motors for electric vehicles.

July, 2020

BRALCO enters MOU with Globe Scott Motors Pvt Ltd to do prototyping and commercialization of magnetic cores for PMDC motors.

January, 2020

MOU with Oryx Advanced Materials Sdn Bhd to develop magnetic powders for AM industry.

December, 2019

BRALCO in collaboration with an European MNC win EUREKA Global Stars research grant for product development of Rare Earth Magnets using Binder Jetting process.

November, 2019

BRALCO in collaboration with National University of Singapore (NUS) win Research Grant for the development of magnetic materials for aerospace application.

July, 2019

BRALCO and GE Additive enter into MOU to develop magnetic components using GE's state of the art L-PBF and Equipment.

July, 2019

BRALCO's first L-PBF AM machine arrives.

April, 2019

BRALCO awarded Enterprise Development Grant by Enterprise Singapore to develop capabilities in L-PBF AM of magnetic materials.

April, 2018

Bralco sets up R&D Centre at JTC Launchpad @ One North, Singapore.